Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mid-Week Sneak Peek: Taking in Jeans & A Great Deal

Hello, friends! Sorry this post is a day later than normal but this week has been ridiculously crazy with classes. No me gusta.

If you haven't seen this week's DIY Tutorial, then GO CHECK IT OUT. Seriously. You're not allowed to keep reading until you do. It's awesome, yo.

See it here.

Back? Good.

In said post, I mentioned that I would explain how to take in the butt of jeans if they don't fit well in the area. Well here I am to show you how!

But first, a quick side note about a superfantasticawesome deal (in my opinion). Warning: I have not been compensated with any money or products for this post.

I found out through some other bloggers about this fantastic opportunity from Julep, a nail polish/beauty product company. 

Guess what? You can get two nail polishes and a foot cream for a penny.


Yup, ya heard me right. A penny! I like deals and I know you do too, so I'm sharing this with you! All you do is go to the website HERE, take the style quiz to find out your personal style, sign up to be a Julep Maven, enter the promo code PENNY, and you will get a box of two nail polishes and a foot cream for a penny. Sweet deal, right? 

Julep Maven is a monthly box subscription, but fear not! You can cancel at any time for any reason (which is comforting if you're afraid of commitment). They have a pretty good FAQ section if you want to look into it more before committing - that's what I did!

It's a great deal for only a penny! And you can cancel right afterwards if you really want to, so what is there to lose? Only a penny! My penny box is on the way and I'm super duper excited for it!

Now on to the mini-tutorial!

My coral skinny jeans weren't exactly "skinny jeans" because they were quite baggy, especially around the butt area. Not cool!

So all you have to do is sew it up a little! Sew along the dotted lines (but around the crotch area, make it more of a curved seam rather than the harsh edges I have shown in the picture below - I have limited editing resources!)

For the most professional look possible, make sure the seams at the crotch are lined up!

And that's it! Enjoy your new, custom-fitted skinny jeans!

Have a great rest of your week, friends.

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