Tuesday, June 9, 2015

DIY Roundup // 6.9.15

I'm back at it with a little Pinterest inspiration. I have a little bit more time for crafting now that it's summer, but it is still quite a struggle to get projects completed.

Hopefully I'll be more diligent about posting the projects I do end up doing. I'm trying to get a stockpile to make my life easier during the school year. 

There is some pretty exciting life news that I'll announce soon, though, so stay tuned and check back regularly!

ReFab Diaries: Repurpose: Leather Coat to Bag - step by step tutorial - Bildanleitung - you'll find here http://luzpatterns.com/2013/11/21/diy-upcycling-an-old-leather-coat-into-a-leather-bag/

Make your own headbands to keep hair in place whole working out. Kraftie Katie: DIY Headband Tutorial (Super Easy!)

DIY Terrarium - inexpensive, beautiful way to incorporate natural beauty into your home. Low-maintenance.

DIY birch wood candle holder

Until next time!

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