Thursday, September 27, 2012

Golden Lusciousness // A Favor

Hello, friends! I have a small favor to ask of you.

I normally don't make posts like this (especially since this is a crafting blog), but I am making an exception for a very special person.

My beautiful and talented friend/roommate Kyla has made it to the top 25 of a CW Star contest.

She has a personality as big as her hair, which she lovingly refers to as the "golden lusciousness."

Not only is she gorgeous on the outside (we seriously can't walk down the sidewalk without at least one guy checking her out), but she has a great heart and is truly one of the most kind, fun to be around, caring people I know.

She would be so perfect for this! Please just take a few seconds and go to the link below. The video is only 26 seconds long and if you watch it from start to finish, she gets a vote. If you click replay, she gets another vote so feel free to put it on repeat if you have the time!

The 10 with the most votes continue on! I'll be sure to keep you all posted on the results.

This is her:

Thank you all for voting! It means a lot to me (and Kyla!).

You're the best! :)

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  1. Just watched it. She is so cute! Hopefully she makes it!

    1. Thank you SO much, Whitney! Kyla and I both appreciate it! :)



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