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Sunday, September 28, 2014

iPad Cover // DIY

Why hello there, crafting world. Long time no see!

I've been on a little hiatus (a not-so-little >1 year hiatus, actually) because life happened. And I also started taking P Chem last year. Mostly it was the P Chem.

Anyways, I'm back in action and that means more tutorials for you! (Cue the applause).

Today I'm going to show you how to make an iPad (or nook or other tablet or laptop) cover. It's awesome AND easy!

Here's the finished product:

 It even has a little pocket to hold your charger and/or stylus!

Click Read More to find out how!
Here's what you'll need:
- Fabric (~1/2 yard of the outside and ~1/2 yard of the lining will do)
- Batting (used for quilting, whatever thickness you prefer)
- Coordinating thread
- Sewing machine
- Fabric scissors

Here's what you do:
(Hint: this tutorial is very similar to the studded foldover clutch I did previously. If these instructions confuse you some, try looking at that post for clarification!)

1. Place your device on the fabric and cut a rectangle that is about 1" larger on each side to allow for seam allowances and thickness. Cut two of these rectangles of the lining, two of the outside fabric, and two of the batting.

I wanted mine to fit the attached keyboard I use frequently (which adds a bit of thickness) so be sure to incorporate that kind of thing for sizing if you wish.

2. Cut one smaller rectangle and one top flap (I used the design of the fabric but you can also make it rounded or another rectangle of a smaller size) out of both the lining and the outside fabric.

3. Put the pocket outside and lining pieces together, right sides facing each other. Sew around 3 edges and clip the corners to make it less bulky.

4. Turn the pocket rectangle inside out and fold a ribbon in half lengthwise over the top edge. Pin the ribbon and stitch straight across. 

5. Place the outside and lining pieces for the top of the pocket together, right sides facing each other. Sew along the 3 edges as shown below. Turn the top of the pocket right side out.

6. Pin the pocket onto the center of one of the larger outside pieces of the main cover. Sew along the bottom 3 edges.

7. Pin the top of the pocket as shown below and sew across where the pins are shown. Then, fold the flap over and stitch across the top again to keep the flap down. You can see the top stitching in the second picture.

8. Now it is time to work on the main part of the cover. Place the outside rectangle face up, then the lining face down on top of that, then the batting on top of that. Repeat for the second set of rectangles so you will have two piles.

9. Make a straight stitch across one short end of each set of rectangles. Then, separate the pieces like below so that the outside and lining are not touching. Do this for both sets.

10. Place one set face up and one set face down so that the outside rectangle and lining/batting rectangles are on top of each other, right sides facing in like below. Then, make a stitch all the way around in the shape of a "U", leaving the short end of the lining open. (If you look closely, you can see the grey stitching in the picture below).

11. Using the opening that you left in the lining side, turn the cover inside out.

12. Fold the end that you left open inwards, then make a straight stitch across to secure it in place like shown below.

13. You now have an iPad cover! For the finishing touches, put the lining into the outside of the cover, then make a straight stitch across the top edge.Then, attach a button to the front side and a loop of ribbon to the backside to form a closure.

Thanks for visiting Elemental Carbon! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. As always, if you try this project on your own, please comment below with how it turned out! I'd love to hear from you :)

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  1. Thank you for coming back! I checked every so often and was very happy to see a new tutorial :)


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