Sunday, January 20, 2013

Prime Time Clock (Nerd Alert!) // DIY

My mom and I are nerds. There's really no denying it (just look at the title of this blog!)

So for Christmas, I made my mom a clock. But not any old clock. Oh noooo, this is a prime time clock.

Yup. A prime time clock. It has prime numbers. Feel free to laugh now.

Read on to learn how to make one of your very own!

-Wall Clock
-Black, White, & Gold Acrylic Paint
-On hand: computer, printer, printer paper, pencil, scissors


1 & 2. Unscrew the back of the clock and remove the glass. Paint the base of the clock black.

3 & 4. After printing your numbers and the words "prime time," cut them to size, color the back with pencil, and trace them onto the clock in the order you prefer. 

I just used the first twelve prime numbers (according to the internet, a prime number is any number greater than one that cannot be divided by anything other than itself and one.)

5. After tracing, paint in the numbers and letters with white paint and then paint the clock hands with gold (or another color!) paint to make them stand out.

6. Put back the glass and screw it in to secure.

"Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you."
-Hebrews 13:5

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  1. lol this was funny but really cute and i actually know someone ho would love a prime time clock!! how would you know what time it really was though hahah..Oh, it's 37:17. Alyssa, hi long lost pal, so sorry I haven't been by either!! I haven't forgotten you! Miss you! and I LOVE your new blog design too :)

  2. hahaha! this is the cutest! what a neat and original idea! xo

  3. Love your blog (the science theme is AWESOME and I'm in love, but sad I hadn't stumbled onto it before now)!! I love this project too - so creative and fun! Just wanted to let you know I featured it in my roundup of clock re-dos and makeovers here. Feel free to check it out if you want and hope you like it! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist


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